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Simplified Electronic Case Report Forms for Clinical Research

Pricing Plan

Pricing Plans



  • Up to 5 Active Studies
  • Standard Support
  • Basic Analytics
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  • Up to 20 Active Studies
  • Priority Support
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Custom Workflows
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  • Unlimited Active Studies
  • Custom Storage
  • Dedicated Support
  • Custom Analytics
  • API Access
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Transparent, Flexible, Value-Driven

Embarking on a journey through the scientific rigor of clinical trials, your research demands not only technical adequacy but also financial efficacy. At finECRF, we understand that every study is unique, encapsulating its own set of challenges, scales, and financial constraints. Consequently, we’ve engineered our pricing plans to be as versatile, transparent, and value-driven as our software solutions.

Tailored to Your Needs

Every research project encompasses a distinct blend of requirements and scopes. Our pricing plans are meticulously crafted to accommodate a diverse range of needs, ensuring that you pay exclusively for the features and scale you require. From small-scale, short-term studies to large, multi-year trials, we offer plans that facilitate your research without breaking the budget.

Transparency at Forefront

We place a premium on transparency. With finECRF, what you see is what you get. Our pricing models are explicit, with no hidden fees or unanticipated costs. We provide clear, straightforward pricing options that enable you to plan your budget effectively, ensuring that the financial aspects of your project are as smooth and predictable as your data collection process with finECRF.

Scalable Solutions, Scalable Pricing

As your research evolves, so does your need for data management. Our pricing plans are designed to scale with your project, providing the flexibility to adapt to changing needs without financial strain. Whether you’re expanding the scope of your trial or extending the timeline, our pricing plans can be adjusted to suit your evolving requirements, ensuring continuous, unhindered research progress.

Dedicated Support, Without the Extra Cost

We believe that support is not a premium but a standard. All of our pricing plans include access to our dedicated support team, ensuring that help is always at hand when you need it. From technical assistance to navigating through features, our team is here to facilitate an uninterrupted, seamless user experience.

Custom Plans for Unique Projects

Do you have specific requirements that are not addressed by our standard pricing plans? No worries! We offer custom plans tailored meticulously to your unique project needs, ensuring that finECRF can be seamlessly integrated into your research project, irrespective of its distinctive demands.

Easy Upgrades for Evolving Needs

In the dynamic environment of clinical research, your needs might change as you delve deeper into your study. With easy upgrades, our pricing plans facilitate the incorporation of additional features or scaling up of user access, ensuring that finECRF adapts in tandem with your project’s progression.
Navigating through your research journey, finECRF is not merely a tool but a partner, propelling your research with robust, secure, and intuitive data management solutions. Explore our pricing plans and find the perfect fit for your project, or speak with our team to craft a custom plan that suits your specific needs. Together, let’s pave the way for groundbreaking discoveries, unburdened by financial complexities and empowered by precise, reliable data management with finECRF.